5 Holiday Gifts That Impact the World

02 - 5 Holiday Gifts That Impact the World


With the holidays quickly approaching, most of us are thinking gifts.

We came across a great gift catalog — not from Crate & Barrel or LL Beans — from Samaritan’s Purse, a faith-based organization that has helped the world’s poor and sufferings for 40 years.

These gifts offer creative ways to share your generosity with the world’s most needy children and families. If you want to give these gifts on behalf of your family or friends, Samaritan’s Purse will send them a card announcing your gift and describing the work.

Here are five of our favorite gifts:

Rescue a Child from Exploitation

02Every day, thousands of children fall prey to human traffickers. Some are forced to serve as soldiers or perform menial labor—but many more are enslaved in the worst kind of exploitation and abuse. Samaritan’s Purse works through Christian partners worldwide to protect vulnerable children from trafficking and to rehabilitate young victims of exploitation. For $75, they can provide a child with basic necessities, safe shelter, job training, and counseling.

Suggested Gift: $75

Feed a Hungry Baby for a Week

gift1_feedahungrybabyMothers in southeastern Ethiopia carry their hungry babies for miles across dry, dusty plains to reach the Samaritan’s Purse feeding center. Though many of the children arrive near death, most are healthy enough to return home after a few weeks of nourishing food. Around the globe, malnutrition claims millions of young lives each year and leaves many others with physical and mental disabilities. In regions ravaged by hunger, a $9 gift can help us feed a baby or nursing mother for a week.

Suggested Gift: $9

Give an Orphan a Month of Loving Care

06At age 5, Solomon wandered the streets of town begging for food. His mother was dying, and his father had abandoned him. Christian staff at a local orphanage reached out to Solomon, opening their doors and hearts to the boy. Now 10 years old, Solomon is healthy, happy, and going to school. Samaritan’s Purse supports children’s homes like this in over 20 countries, including Cambodia (pictured), Ethiopia, and Haiti. Just $35—the cost of meals, lodging, education, and healthcare for a month.

Suggested Gift: $35

Fishing Boats

14When Cyclone Nargis devastated Myanmar, the storm destroyed thousands of boats that fishermen depended on for their livelihood. Samaritan’s Purse has responded to this need by furnishing new boats and nets. From Myanmar to Bolivia, we are providing boats that help poor fishermen feed and support their families. A small boat can be purchased for about $500. Just $50 can supply nets or other gear.

Suggested Gift: $500 Share the Cost: $50

Help a Farm Family Grow a Bountiful Crop

16Chey, a young Cambodian farmer, was struggling to feed his wife and six children. When the crops failed, they couldn’t even afford a place to live. A local church let the family stay in their sanctuary, then a Samaritan’s Purse team came along and provided local farmers with seeds and taught them how to grow bountiful crops of vegetables and rice. Now Chey has extra produce to sell to pay for housing, medicine, and other essentials. As little as $45 can supply a farmer with seeds, fertilizer, tools, training, or other aid.

Suggested Gift: $45

There are also gifts under $15. Their Interactive Gift Catalog allows you to browse page by page. You can look through the gift items, click links to give online.

photo credit: samaritan’s purse

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