Budget Volunteer Vacations: Hawaiian Eco-Adventure

We are starting an on-going series, Budget Volunteer Vacations, which will spotlight low cost volunteer travels to various destinations around the world. These trips are generally no frills and you will have to pay for airfare to get there. Meals and lodging are often included at no cost or for a minimal cost of $100-$200. Volunteer services range from community development to conservation to working with children. These trips are also great add-ons to your vacations.

Are you looking to take a volunteer vacation in Hawaii? There aren’t many, but we’ve found one great opportunity!

A volunteer trip to Kahoolawe, a small and remote island off the south coast of Maui, is “like an ultimate eco-adventure, combining gorgeous scenery, reciprocal environmental work and cultural immersion,” described the Maui News. The trip is offered by Protect Kahoolawe Ohana and the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission.

kahoolawe - Budget Volunteer Vacations: Hawaiian Eco-Adventure
Photo of Kahoolawe by jeffmcneill

The US Navy used Kahoolawe as a testing ground and bombing range in the 1960’s. In 2003, the US Navy turned over access and control of Kahoolawe to the state of Hawaii. Kahoolawe had lost most of its vegetation and had significant erosion issues. The Kahoolawe Restoration project involves planting native flora, removing invasive species, controlling erosion, and establishing water resources.

Four day volunteer programs are offered throughout the year. The cost is $100, which includes transportation from Maui to Kahoolawe, meals, free cultural and history lessons, beautiful views, and a great feeling of having helped Kahoolawe. You will be camping on this vacation! For more details on this volunteer vacation opportunity, click on the links below:

* Volunteer Orientation Details
* Scheduled Volunteer Dates

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  1. Hi, I like what you’re doing in high lighting budget volunteering around the world. My names Wayne Guttridge and i have lived in Nepal for the past three years researching and working. Now i have returned back to the UK to represent a number of volunteer placements at a budget. We have built our website and registered our intentions and have created structured placements relating to Orphanages, disabled centers and schools.
    But being English and closely connected to Nepal, (married to a Nepalese lady and will live there when my work in the UK is done) I feel that we have to take it a step further relating to the financial side of these placements because a lot rely on a wing and a prayer and it doesn’t give the children stability. Working with my organization I have put together a plan with my Nepalese colleague that each placement must submit how many volunteers they need to cover the costs of running the placements.
    Our first orphanage has done this and we have an agreement that we should try and place 12 volunteers in a year which will give stability to the orphanage. Then we can concentrate on giving these children a better start in their lives.
    I am looking at working with people of the same mind who are interested in making a difference.
    If anyone wants to discuss this please email wayne@experiencehimalayannepal.org

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