Cover Girl’s Clean Water Campaign

enjoying the treated PUR water
enjoying the treated PUR water

Safe drinking water, so essential for life and yet unavailable in many parts of the world. Each day, more than 4,000 children die in developing countries simply because they don’t have clean drinking water — a global crisis.

Cosmetic company Cover Girl kicked off the relaunch of their Clean Makeup line with the launch of the Cover Girl Clean Makeup for Clean Water campaign. Partnering with Children’s Safe Drinking Water to alleviate this global crisis, Cover Girl has donated $500,000 to CSDW which will provide 50 million liters of clean water to needy children around the world.

Want to participate in this campaign? You can submit a short video telling how you give back to make the world a better place and why this makes you beautiful, inside and out. For every entry submitted, Cover Girl will donate one week’s worth of water to a child in need and you could win a humanitarian trip to Africa.

photo courtesy of CSDW

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