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Have you always dreamed of a volunteer trip to the Amazon for conservation work?

Fauna Forever is now offering a special, exclusive 10% discount off its conservation volunteer trips to readers of Travelanthropist.  The first five of our readers who book with them will get 10% off!

Imagine yourself waking up in the middle of a rain forest in south eastern Peru. You wake up, have a bite to eat, and first thing in the morning your off to study and collect data of some of the most unique and wondrous animals and reptiles in the middle of their playground: The Amazon. With scientists who train you with all the tools you need, this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you through Fauna Forever Tambopata.

As the worlds biological systems quickly decline, conservation makes an effort to carefully study, track, and reverse harm done to the earth’s ecosystems. The term conservation biology was coined in 1978, in effort to protect plants and wildlife. Today, as extinction of different plants and animals are in even more of a downfall, conservation efforts are more important than ever. Fauna Forever Tambopata is a project dedicated to preserving the wild life and biodiversity in the Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park located in the lowland rain forest of the Peruvian Amazon. The project is focused on wildlife teams: mammal, bird, and herpetology (reptiles). Working with scientist and Peruvian volunteers, each group concentrates on their main field of study.

Since 1997 the Fauna Forever program has been making it possible for fit, ordinary people with a passion for the environment, to work side by side Peruvian scientists to perform this research. This could be you, for they are currently looking for participants for six and eleven week phases.  The program costs anywhere between $2,350 and $4,250 depending on the time of year. This includes all accommodation, food, training, use of all project equipment, and much more. Right now, Travelanthropist readers can save between $235 to $425 on the trip with the special exclusive offer.

bird 2 wsPast volunteers have gained some unforgettable experiences. Martina Jurcovicova of the Czech Republic said, “I dreamed about going into the rainforest my whole life and FFT fulfilled that dream. All of the sightings and experiences gained were beyond my imagination.” Another volunteer, Paul Greaves of England considered it “a privilege to work on the Fauna Forever Tambopata project helping to conserve incredible wildlife. It’s in an area of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest where something spectacular can happen at any moment, and often does. What a great experience.”

Fauna Forever Tambopata offers a chance for a “hands on” experience with some of nature’s most prized animals in different parts of the Amazon. Not only do participants work with national park authorities and private conservation area administrators, but they are also allowed to conduct parallel research of their own while working on the study.  The program is very patient with their training, and promotes every opportunity for the volunteers self growth, skills and knowledge. While working on the projects current topic: payment for Ecosystem services, volunteers will stay at different eco lodges with in the area. Fauna Forever Tambopata offers a unique volunteer opportunity for those who want to explore and learn, by living in the heart of the environmental wonder, the Amazon.

To qualify for this exclusive Fauna Forever offer,  you must mention Travelanthropist when booking.

For more info on trips and booking, visit Fauna Forever online.

By Jillian Kronberg

photo courtesy of fauna forever

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