How Vacationing in Fiji Can Help Fight Climate Change

The Lau Archipelago Fiji - How Vacationing in Fiji Can Help Fight Climate Change

Ever wonder how your vacation can impact climate?

A three-day workshop funded by Australian Aid in collaboration with the Pacific Climate Change Science Program and Department of Environment on Pacific Climate Change has sparked debate about the role Pacific Island countries play in negotiations on climate change. The issues discussed may influence some changes in how tourists book their travel online .

The workshop, which was attended by a number of government ministries and departments including the Department of Environment and Ministry of Health as well as other agencies like the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Applied Geoscience and Technology Division (SOPAC), urged the Pacific to take a more proactive role in international relations.

Pacific Climate Change Science Program Manager Gillian Chambers weighed in on the matter, saying she believes there is a gap in information pertaining to the effects of climate change on Pacific Island countries, particularly in international documents dealing with the issue.

“When you are looking at the actual mitigation in terms of negotiations in trying to encourage the rest of the world to limit their greenhouse gases there is a lot they (Pacific Island countries) can do in the negotiations in the international stage,” she said while speaking at the workshop.

“While the Pacific countries do not emit much in the way of greenhouse gases, they are the ones experiencing some of the really serious impacts already like the other small island countries in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean.”

Ms Chambers said programs such as theirs equipped countries with adequate factual information on climate change, in particular the current situation and what could be expected moving forward.  She stated that by being informed, countries like Fiji would be better prepared for the negative effects of climate change and would also motive them to participate in negotiations in the international arena.

To help fight climate change in the most enjoyable way possible, why not holiday in Fiji? Most major airlines including Virgin Australia, Qantas, Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue offer options to carbon offset your flight so you can help erase your carbon footprint while making new ones in the sand on Fiji’s glorious beaches.

You can also take comfort in knowing that while you’re there, you won’t be contributing much to the greenhouse gas emissions as the Fijians are not only renowned for their ‘simple’ lifestyle but for their sustainable accommodation and fresh, locally grown organic produce.

So holiday guilt-free and help fight climate change with a Fiji holiday package. Packages are designed to offer the best value for money by securing discounted rates through bundling all your travel essentials together. This includes your flights (don’t forget your carbon offset!) as well as accommodation, transfers and travel insurance.

You can also select from a wide range of extras that will save you time and money when planning your holiday. Choose from food and beverage packages, resort vouchers, spa treatments and massages, tours and a range of cultural activities and attractions. Whether you’re a green thumb or just want to save some of the green stuff, Fiji holiday packages are the guilt-free way to holiday.

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