NBC Anchor Brian William’s Family Spring Break Trip – Engagement, Enrichment & Voluntourism

beach2 - NBC Anchor Brian William’s Family Spring Break Trip – Engagement, Enrichment & Voluntourism
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In this new age of “reawakening” or “reckoning,” people coming out of a decade of excess and indulgences into our current economic recession are finding that material possessions don’t satisfy you for very long and they are looking for more meaningful and enriching life experiences. Many people, who are still financially able to travel, are traveling with a dual purpose of service and economic benefit.

Echoing these sentiments, NBC Anchor Brian William has decided his family is forgoing the traditional beach spring vacation and instead head to New Orleans. Williams explained how he had been feeling that in today’s economic climate “sitting on a beach with a book and my ipod for a week didn’t feel right.” Clearly, helping in New Orleans’ recovery feels like a more positive way to spend his time and money than sitting idly on a beach.

Williams is convinced that “family bonding time, especially when it involves showing your children a wider world and how they can learn from it and even have a positive impact on it, is not an indulgence but an investment. Nor does a family break have to be expensive to be meaningful. In this environment, everyone is taking a new look at what things are worth. I, for one, am relieved that irresponsible extravagance is out and that engagement, enrichment and voluntourism are in. It’s about time that our society focused on what really matters and has lasting value. The other day a friend, who recently lost her job, remarked that her closet is now full of regrets. When she scans the shelves of expensive designer bags, shoes and clothes that she bought over the past ten years, it kills her to think of all of the money that she spent. ‘If I could do it over, I wouldn’t have bought almost all of it,’ she said.”

How are you “repurposing” your spring travel plans?

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