Oasis of the Seas Cruise Offers Voluntourism

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Royal Carribean’s Oasis of the Seas has added a few new excursions for its Cozumel, Mexico cruise, including voluntourism. The cruise line’s “Voluntourism: The Mexican Red Cross Landscaping Project” offers an afternoon of volunteering with the Mexican Red Cross. This project provides an opportunity for you to contribute to the local community by helping with beautification projects. These projects could include plantings and gardening.

We are seeing some cruises adding voluntourism as part of their excursion offerings. We believe the cruise lines are “testing the waters” to see if the appeal of voluntourism is viable for cruise passengers. Most cruise voluntourism offerings are extremely lightweight. Is it helpful to anyone, including the participant?

Should cruises offer voluntourism? How is cruise voluntourism different from hotel voluntourism?

photo by nick hobgood

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  1. Hi

    Its great to see that the term voluntourism has come so far with even a cruise company offering a project all be it a short one!

    I started the site voluntourism.co.uk following a visit to Sri Lanka after the Tusnami but regret that I could not spend the time on it I wished.

    Its a shame as it comes first in a Google search for voluntourism.

    I would really like to work with an organisation or a company that could use the position it has and get the voluntourism message out there in a better way.

    Any suggestions or interest please contact me.

    Kind regards


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