Chiloe Island: Chile’s Best-Kept Secret

chiloe1 323x152 - Chiloe Island: Chile's Best-Kept Secret

The island of Chiloé, in southern Chile, is a place that you probably have never heard of.

Chiloé has a cool breezy climate which is a pleasant alternative to the dry heat of Chile’s big cities.

The pristine island and its diverse ecosystem, which has remained largely free from colonialism and capitalism, attracted Charles Darwin to explore in 1834 and the island has not changed much.

Best Street Food in Hanoi

bun cha 323x152 - Best Street Food in Hanoi

One of the most exciting adventures for a traveler is trying the local food. Some of the best foodie cities are found in Asia and often, the tastiest foods are found on the streets. In our Best Street Food series, we will put together a list of some of the best street foods in Asia’s top foodie cities.

Hanoi is considered by many to be one of the world’s greatest food capitals and a street-eater’s paradise with plenty of options for those who want to eat like a local.

Make a Difference in Your Gap Year

gapyear malawi4 323x152 - Make a Difference in Your Gap Year

Moving up from high school to college or university means making big changes. Suddenly, students have to take more responsibility for their own lives. Often they live independently away from home and have to complete their schoolwork without the encouragement and support of a watchful parent or teacher. In recent years, it has become something of a tradition to take a break between these two stages of study – called a gap year…