Survey Reveals 2010 Travelers Preferences

travelpref1 - Survey Reveals 2010 Travelers Preferences


A recent Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) survey of 287 tour operators in 51 countries serving two million customers reported that travelers are showing increased interest in the following:

  • Custom itineraries:  84% (i.e., 84% of operators reported an increased interest)
  • Shorter duration trips:  73%
  • Closer-to-home, shorter haul trips:  55%
  • Activity based adventures:  79%
  • Cultural-interaction adventures:  70%
  • Volunteering within travel:  40%
  • Multigenerational travel:  55%

One survey after another, the results overwhelming support that travelers today are into customization, personalization, and meaningful or purpose-driven travel —  themes we have been talking about for some time now. We will see a slew of travel offerings in 2010 addressing these preferences. Travel product selections will expand to keep up with increasing demand for custom trip, shorter-duration and varied price-point options, and specialized products that help distinguish providers in a highly competitive environment. We believe it’s not just a fad for 2010, but a longer-term trend as consumers embrace an authentic, transparent, sustainable, and global citizenship lifestyle.

A few more interesting findings from the survey:

  • Travelers booking trips closer to actual departure
  • Greater variety of trip offerings to keep up with changing preferences
  • Travelers looking for high quality, value-oriented companies, especially those with a clear sustainability message
  • Travel impacted by economy but solid pockets of resilience
  • Greater online marketing efforts

In 2010, travel companies will be quick to adjust their efforts in how travelers become aware and learn about travel options, how they choose destinations and when they book their trips. They will be a great deal of online marketing, especially through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, reflecting travelers’ move (and comfort) toward digital means to research and book travel.

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