Travelanthropist Celebrates One Year!

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This website was started exactly a year ago today to bring awareness to transformational travel. We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone with you!

We launched this site for you our fellow travelanthropists — those who are interested in or already adopters of travel that makes a difference. Our working definition of traveler’s philanthropy is simple — traveler’s kindness/charity/giving towards a destination (its people, community, etc). We recognized the need for a website specifically for travelers. In an industry that is still rather fragmented, we hope to be a trusted online destination for the latest news, inspiring stories, thought-provoking content, destination spotlights, tips, guides, directories, and resources in travel philanthropy, responsible tourism, and voluntourism without having you go to dozens of websites.

We appreciate all of you who have supported and reached out to us. We’re glad that so many of you have found our articles and resources valuable. We work hard to be a value to the traveling community. We strive to make our content relevant, timely and useful — and we love hearing from you! Please send us any ideas, suggestions and tips.

To mark our first year, here are 10 of our most popular articles from 2009:

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World’s Best New Hotels for the Buck

For 2010, we are very excited about some of the projects we have underway that will enhance our growth. We hope you will join us to build a community of travelers that make a difference!

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  1. Congratulations! Keep up the great content! Look forward to more great things this year!

  2. travelanthropist says:

    Thanks for your support.

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