Trip Ideas




Travel to the “Pearl of Africa” and participate in hands-on volunteer work in different areas of the country. Balancing out the trip, volunteers will also have opportunities to learn more about Uganda by exploring urban and rural communities, visiting Lake Victoria and the headwaters of the mighty Nile River. Enjoy an evening of cultural wonders through dance and music and participating in an optional safari in Murchison Falls National Park before or after the trip.    Ambassadors for Children

South Africa

Wildlife conservation in South Africa is a great opportunity for those wanting an African safari experience with a big difference. Working deep within the African bush, small teams will assist GVI research scientists with vital conservation projects while also undertaking basic field guide training, such as tracking and wildlife identification skills. This is a great chance to experience Africa’s famous animals like lions and elephants while also learning about this unique habitat.  Global Vision International (GVI)


Work with desert elephants This project takes you to Namibia, Africa and the north-western regions of the Namib Desert, traditionally known as ‘Damaraland’. Here in this harsh tribal wilderness that runs parallel to the Skeleton Coast National Park, a small population of desert-adapted elephants have come into conflict with the local human population, and it is the aim of this volunteer project to manage the conflict and assist in its resolution. The majority of the volunteering will require you to help local farmers with community work, building protective walls around their water points and teaching them the skills they need to manage the conflict with the resident elephant populations. You will also assist the project staff with research by following and monitoring the movements of these elephants. Global Vision International (GVI)




Work with street kids and tribal communities. This short-term program in Rajasthan, India offers volunteers the opportunity to work as teaching assistants in both formal and informal schools. Participants will generally work alongside other long-term Global Vision International (GVI) volunteers and/or local staff providing much needed assistance and continuity on our education projects. Depending on the project needs at the time, you may be teaching tribal children at rural formal schools in the morning or teaching street children at informal schools in the evening. This program includes Hindi lessons during the first week, cultural workshops in the second week, and on the last weekend volunteers will take an overnight sleeper train to Agra, to visit the Taj Mahal before traveling on to Delhi where this program ends. You will need to book a New Delhi hotel for the tail end of your travel, you can find out more about where to book your hotels and other accommodations online or through a travel agency.


Preserving the culture of the Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand. The project is located in the Chiang Rai region (northwest Thailand) and the surrounding mountains all the way to the Golden Triangle borders. It is considered one of the most beautiful locations in Thailand! The Akhas are part of the Golden Triangle hill-tribe cultures. The influence of the hill tribes and nearby Burma, Laos, and China shapes the culture here. The Akhas face difficulties to be recognized and for their culture. The main objective of the project is cultural exchange between volunteers and the local villagers but participants will also work in the communities doing various support and development projects like renovation of the community spaces or field work and farming with the villagers. For leisure, volunteers will be inthe community learning about Akhas cuisine, massage, and specific handicraft. Various travel dates. CADIP




This is an adventure trip of Serbia and Montenegro, the hidden gems of Europe! You will spend time working with orphans, street children, refugees and other at risk youth. The focus will be to develop our sustainable project, The Serbian Music School and Cultural Center. We will also be conducting a series of photography workshops with the children. Both projects are explained in further detail in the itinerary. We will travel all over the diverse landscape of Serbia through the lens of music, with the objective to learn about the history and culture of this inspiring region; and we will conclude our journey in one of the newest countries in the world, Montenegro! Come explore these vibrant countries and meet and work with its wonderful children! Ambassadors for Children


Film making and International Film Festival in Reykjavik. Reykjavik International Film Festival was founded in 2004 by a group of film enthusiasts and professionals with the goal of creating an annual international film festival in Reykjavik. The aim is to establish a major film event to enrich and enliven the local film culture, but moreover, to become an international attraction. Volunteers will help the organizers of the Reykjavík International Film Festival with different tasks before and during the festival. For the first four days of the project volunteers will have a study session about Icelandic film making. You will watch several Icelandic movies and go for visits to film producers, directors and other people in the field. You will also make our own short film downtown Reykjavik. CADIP

Latin America



Best known as the site of the largest empire in the world, the Inca. Ancient Peru also was home to the Nazca, Chimu and Sican people, among others. Visitors can sample seafood along its over 2000 kilometers of seashore, swim in the Amazon River, or hike the Inca Trail to fabled Machu Pichu. The city of Tarapoto, “The City of Palms”, is located in northeastern Peru. Situated where the low Andes Mountains give way to the jungle, the town is surrounded by lush forests and a network of rivers including the Mayo, Huallaga and the Cumbaza. Tarapoto and the surrounding area are inhabited largely by the Quechua Indian people. Pamashto is a small community off the paved roads, about one hour from Tarapoto. It’s a beautiful village tucked into the rolling hills, whose residents bear a mix of ethnic backgrounds, and families date back for many generations in the area. Developing community by empowering the individual, work with GCN’s local partner on small scale development projects in several Quechua Indian villages and with marginalized youth in Tarapoto. Global Citizens Network


Palm trees, sand, sunshine, surf. Laughter, poverty, beauty, pain, its all part of the Bahian reality. It is affectionately said that “when Bahians are not actually participating in a festival they are rehearsing for one.” The people of Bahia, a fusion of Africans, Native Americans and Europeans, are carefree and upbeat, always looking for a good time. Yet the region holds many challenges. The program takes place in a little village of 500 inhabitants. The community faces a number of challenges: poverty; alcoholism; unemployment; absence of basic infrastructure; local school maintenance; lack of medical and dental assistance; and lack of a space to display, market and sell local crafts. The biggest priority is building a community center, which will belong to the inhabitants of the community. You’ll also have a chance to expand your mind to see the incredible beauty of the region. Hiking on the beach, visit the main attractions of Porto de Sauipe, learn wood carving, and how to make ice cream with Brazil’s indigenous fruit. Globe Aware

Middle East



Venture to the Middle East with Ambassadors for Children and discover the beauty of Jordan. Explore the ancient city of Petra, float in the Dead Sea, experience the hospitality of the Bedouins and volunteer in local villages and at Queen Rania’s Jordan River Foundation. It is sure to be a trip you will not forget!  Various dates. Ambassadors for Children

photos: flickr