USA TODAY Echoed Our “Don’t Stay Put, Give Back”

DSC00104 1 - USA TODAY Echoed Our “Don’t Stay Put, Give Back”

We are thrilled USA TODAY picked up our recent post on “Remedy for Recession” this past Friday. Travel writer, Laura Bly, echoed our sentiment that laid-off workers needn’t stay put, they can give back.

We believe you will see more on this topic in traditional media. Volunteering abroad as a travel option is extremely attractive for those who are flexible (finance, time, etc.) and have a desire to do something greater than themselves.

A few things are happening that are creating momentum for volunteer travel abroad:

1) there has been a strong and growing social consciousness among Americans toward charity, sustainability, responsible living, global awareness, etc.;
2) monetary rewards are being replaced by more intrinsic and intangible rewards from helping the poor, the disadvantaged, and the orphans of the world;
3) people understand that experience does not come from jobs alone;
4) society is placing a greater premium on helping/charitable endeavors;
5) the recession is causing people to re-evaluate what is important in life;
6) there are more travel volunteer programs that offer flexible time commitments (shorter term) and costs than ever before.

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