Volunteer Vacations: Passionate Vacations for Couples?

couple - Volunteer Vacations: Passionate Vacations for Couples?

What’s your idea of a passionate vacation? For some couples, it’s giving a hand according to an article in TIME magazine. One trend bringing couples closer is a volunteer vacation. These vacations offer rewarding experiences – teaching, health-care, community development and environmental projects are available – but the couples’ reward is a richer vacation experience than the typical walk on the beach. For them, it’s not just the romantic passions that spark their relationships, but the incredible shared experiences that strengthen and bond their relationships.

Couples going on these volunteer vacations find that these trips breed a sense of togetherness whether they work together or apart. Romantic vacations these are not, but some feel these trips were better because doing good on their time off inspires a whole lot of love and rejuvenates relationships!

[via TIME]

Photo: Hamed Masoumi

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