Why You Should Consider British Beaches

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Britain has never been considered a must-stop destination for beach enthusiasts. This is probably due, at least in part, to the country’s long standing reputation for having temperamental weather. The proliferation of European travel guides which overlook British beaches has probably also contributed to this problem. But are British beaches so undeserving of attention? This short guide may well change your mind on the matter.

Golden Sands

If there’s one thing which all beach-goers crave, it’s beautiful golden sand. Britain has a reputation for offering up beaches covered in rather unforgiving rocks and pebbles, but this certainly isn’t representative of the country’s entire coastline. There are many beautiful beaches in Britain which are equal to – and in some cases far superior – to the kinds of sands found in Europe and beyond. If you’re looking for unspoilt sands top spots include Kynance Cove in Cornwall, Camber Sands in Sussex and Holkham in Norfolk.

Clear Blue Water

Swimming is an integral part of a beach holiday, but British waters haven’t always been considered to be terribly inviting. Temperature is a major factor, as is the choppiness of the waves. Nevertheless, there are many British beaches which attract huge numbers of swimmers each year – and with good reason. Caerfai Bay in Pembrokeshire is a popular destination thanks to its calm water and occasional seals, and the water at Perranporth beach in Cornwall is much loved by swimmers of all skill levels thanks to its inviting temperature and gentle waves.


Beach accommodation is Britain has a bit of a reputation for exclusively occupying just two ends of the spectrum – either top-notch and pricey or cheap and brassy. But there are plenty of accommodation choices for people who are looking for the perfect combination of affordable and pleasant. Cross Coombe farm in St Agnes, Cornwall, is a great choice for campers who want to be close to the sea, and Park Resorts in Heacham is popular with families looking for a mixture of organised fun and unspoilt nature.

Should British Beaches Be Overlooked?

Given just the small sample of beaches listed above, it should be clear to all that there is a place for British beaches in the ranks of top beach holiday destinations. So if you’re thinking about a beach holiday this year, show your support for British beaches and take the vacation of a lifetime.


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