Will The Economy Dampen Our Giving Spirit?

Will people think twice before giving to charity or planning a volunteer vacation during our current tough economic times? They most likely will and it would not be surprising. But, sometimes people’s deep values override even financial concerns. Each year people resolve to make volunteering a New Year’s resolution along with saving money, learning something new and traveling.

According to Jeffrey Glueck, chief marketing officer at Travelocity, people continue to look for creative ways to give back despite being financially challenged and a volunteer vacation can truly change a person’s perspective and remind us of what’s most important in life.

Many travel industry and trend experts are expecting the industry’s focus for 2009 to be on “mindful spending” and “affluent activism.” They expect to see more stories about how you can teach English overseas “as these types of stories have less to do with money and more to do with motivation and values.”

openphotonet IMG 1507 - Will The Economy Dampen Our Giving Spirit?

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Photo by Erika Mlejova

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