Are You Ready to Pay More for Green Travel?

greentravel - Are You Ready to Pay More for Green Travel?
Americans are living in a time when being green and eco-friendly are not only trendy, but becoming a way of life. Traveling green will generally cost more and there are fewer travel choices, for now.

Research done by travelhorizons™ in July found that more Americans are aware of eco-friendly travel (which confirms the general perception), but they will not necessarily pay the price to take part in it. People are more aware of eco-friendly terms and they understand the benefits that others will gain from “being green.” However, only 9% of respondents said that they would pay more for a “green” trip. Consumers are not passing on these trips because they do not want to be involved, they just may not be motivated enough to pay the higher price. Another factor is that it is sometimes difficult to find these programs and services. Not all of these green trips are well advertised or promoted through the hotels and travel operators, although we are seeing more of them than before.

There appears to be a disconnect between people’s belief in the importance and benefit of green travel and the money they are willing to spend to take these environment preserving trips. An interesting finding from the survey is that more than half of the respondents say it is up to the individual to preserve and protect the environment, not travel agencies. About 60% feel that these programs or trips may have a positive effect on the environment. So is the economy paying a role in people not willing to pay more for these trips? Surprising, the economy is not the sole culprit with 50% of the respondent indicating that they would continue to use these services, regardless of the state of the economy.

So, what is causing the disconnect? What would it take to get more travelers to put money behind what they believe?

Contribution to post by Nicole Rutledg

travelhorizons™ is a survey of travel intentions of Americans that is put out four times a year. It is co-authored by the U.S. Travel Association and Ypartnership.

photo credit: robert s. donovan