How to Be Spontaneous and Travel Anywhere

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If there’s one adventure you could certainly go on, it’s going to the airport with no real plans, some luggage, and picking a destination at random. However crazy this sounds, it’s fully possible to make it work, even if you’re worried that what you have with you might not match where you’re going. Here are some tips that will allow you to do this.

1) Budget, budget, budget.

Take whatever a normal holiday would cost you, and add more numbers. The reality is that buying plane tickets at the airport on the day of the flight is going to be significantly more expensive, even if you’ve booked your lodging through hostelworld. Remember there are always extra costs like WiFi at the hotel. Last minute planning can either run your costs higher or help you get extreme bargains!

2) A good variety of clothes.

Don’t leave without being prepared for both warm and cold weather. The solution to this problem is to take two layers of clothing. For every t-shirt, take a jumper. Add in a few pairs of specific clothing (scarf, shorts) and it’s likely that while your bag is going to weigh a lot more than it normally would, it also means you won’t be exploring Alaska in nothing but a sleeveless t-shirt, shorts and flipflops.

3) Be realistic and keep it simple.

Look for places with easy entry and exit and little paperwork. The process is meant to be fun, and extra expenses for tedious visa application work is going to slow everything down and suck the fun out of it.

Traveling so spontaneously sounds crazy but with those three tips, you should have a good start. So have fun, and good luck!


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