Places to Go and Not Go in 2012

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Looking for the ultimate travel experience for 2012?

We came across’s 5th annual “2012 Travelers GO/noGO List” — the list includes places to go and not to go.

According to the website, this list is for travelers who are looking for something different in 2012. “Serious travelers want authentic, exciting and participatory adventures nowadays. They want to visit places that are exotic, places that are exciting, and that offer them a chance to get out of their comfort zones and have a real adventure.”

2012 GO List

Colombia…is the hottest of South American hot spots with its rich colonial past, modern safe boulevards, gorgeous beaches, and 14% of the world’s rainforest.

Nepal…experience how magical and mysterious life used to be in this mountainous Hindu kingdom with a view of Everest…sunsets have never been so surreal!

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia… forget the French, Italian and Mexican Rivera’s, this place is hot. From Zadar to Dubrovnik you can’t beat the beaches, scenery, food and nightlife…the dollar goes a long way too!

London, England …and the Summer Olympics begin in the illustrious British city July 27th with the whole world watching—join the fun in person! Even without the Olympics, there are so many wonderful things to do and places to stay, choosing a hotel in London this year is sure to not disappoint!

Cairns, Australia…sure, see the Great Barrier Reef while you can, but double-down and catch the total eclipse that occurs there on June 6th and in good weather—because the next one isn’t until 2017!

Tallinn, Estonia…hang out in Pikk jalg, the old town’s medieval city center sipping coffee or a locally-brewed Saku as the sky turns pink and the most beautiful people in the world stroll by.

Istanbul, Turkey…our favorite city in the world circa 2012…a criminally underrated multi-cultural and exotic destination!

2012 noGO List

While we don’t agree with everything on the noGo list; we thought we’ll share anyways.  Nine places you should voluntarily avoid:

Moscow, Russia…an ugly city, drab, empty museums, crazy high prices, major infrastructure issues, crime, corruption…other than that, Putin says it’s a great place!

Karachi, Pakistan…who needs the headache of always looking over your shoulder.

Cape Town, South Africa…a beautiful place to visit; but don’t carry a camera, ask directions, use an ATM, walk alone, hail a cab or eat outside.

Mexico…express kidnapping on the rise and drug lords run amok…sad, really sad.

Caracas, Venezuela…Chavez is not totally to blame, but this is a tough town!

Dubai, UAE…from hot to not—PDA’s will get you arrested in this manufactured over-hyped expensive Disneyland!

Sao Paulo, Brazil…sure you can get a great cocktail, but why would you in this urban purgatry run amok?

Lagos, Nigeria…always on the list…overcrowding, corruption, clogged sewers, traffic beyond belief!

Somalia…it just doesn’t stop… militant Islamists, pirates, bandits and dire famine…20 years running!

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  1. I’m sure London is going to be a huge travel destination this year because of the Olympics. However, that might mean that it’s going to be harder to find a hotel, flights will be more expensive, it’ll be extra crowded and more. Maybe it’s worth trying one of the other “must visits” and save London for next year.

  2. The place to be in 2012 is Belize and Central America. The celebrations for the Maya 2012 Calendar include cool events such as camp outs and music festivals on real Maya Temples.

  3. NOT go to moscow in 2012. I think that it’s a bit unfair and frankly untrue to put Moscow in the same list as Mexico, Somalia and Pakistan. yes it’s corrupt but what has that go to do with travel? Furthermore, Moscow is absolutely beautiful (while expensive, i agree) and offers a very wide selection of places where to go for modern art/ancient art/whatever kind of museum you want.

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