Travel Insiders Predict Future Tourism Trends & Hotspots

seasia - Travel Insiders Predict Future Tourism Trends & Hotspots


North Americans and Europeans accounted for the largest groups of travelers in the last 30 years. Travel experts expect that to change in the next 30 years with more people from Russia, India, China, and Brazil traveling. They expect destinations in Southeast Asia and Latin American will jump in popularity because of their proximity to the new source of travelers. UK travel specialist Hoseasons chief executive Richard Carrick indicated, “There will be a shift in the axis of power over the next 30 years. As people from China and India start to travel, it will be the Pacific Rim countries that benefit because they are close to the source markets.” Some of these countries are already preparing — the Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam have made significant investments into their infrastructure.

Other experts believe that countries that are closed for political reasons or conflict will generate huge interest once peace and stability are restored. These would include countries like Algeria, Libya, Albania, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, and Cuba. There is the curiosity factor and some of these destinations would be attractive for travelers who are driven by experiences. A few of these destinations will be a draw simply because they are undiscovered, beautiful vacation spots. Sweden’s leading luxury operator Select Travel founder and chief executive Leila Graf said: “Yemen, with its crystal-clear water and private islands, could be a new most-wanted escape – even though it might not be realistic today.”

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