Survey Finds Travel Blogs Become the Modern Travel Agent

travelagency - Survey Finds Travel Blogs Become the Modern Travel Agent
A recent study done by VISA (Australia) reveals that “one in three respondents look to travel blogs when planning a trip” compared to consulting family and friends or travel agents. According to the study, 34% of respondents prefer travel blogs for choosing their travel options, 24% use family and friends, and 13% go to travel agents. The small number of remaining respondents use travel TV shows, magazines, and newspapers to book their vacations. Those polled in the survey said that they were planning to travel in the next two years across the globe — great news for the travel industry!

One of the main reasons that blogs are becoming more popular for those planning trips could be their personal advice and opinions. People like to hear others people’s experiences, not what a travel agent says or pulls from a brochure or catalog. Also, travel blogs offer a wealth of information for just about any destination known or unknown to man. Blogs are convenient — you can consult them anytime, from anywhere, and for however long without feeling that you are imposing.

The online world helps the traveler piece together the big picture with relative ease. Generally, the online community is very willing to share information and insider tips on local cultures and surroundings. Social media makes the world much smaller and accessible through its ability to easily connect locals with travelers. It is no wonder that travelers are looking to travel blogs for the answers that they need. While traditional travel agents remain valuable to some travelers, online travel planning has become more efficient through the mix of blogs, social media, and highly customized travel booking sites to become a formidable force!

Contribution to post by Nicole Rutledge
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  1. Hi Nicole, I am agreed with your post. Blogs are becoming modern travel agents to provide the online helps to the customers worldwide, sharing their own experience and the travel stories. One can easily get the answers of his/her questions about the visiting destinations in brief.
    Thanks for sharing with us and keep posting 🙂

  2. Your Blog is very informative for everyone. Thank you very much for such a wonderful post.

  3. Exactly, Today people rather than going to agents prefer to check information on line and getting holiday ideas from there.

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