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  • Building a Vietnam Itinerary with Day Tours

    These days tour companies are offering fantastic short experiential tours ranging from 1-3 days. If you are planning to visit a destination, these are great a la carte or add-on tours to help you fully experience a place or focus on certain aspects of the destination like learning about the local food scene or local […]

  • Tours That Will Change How You See These 5 Fabulous Destinations

    Still deciding which destinations to see this year? While you can explore a destination on your own, sometimes you get more out of a place with the help of a local tour company. While we are not a fan of traditional tours that dash through a location with a checklist of places to see, we […]

  • Explore Asia: Live Abroad and Make Taipei Your Travel Hub

    Most people confuse a travel-filled lifestyle with one of wealth and luxury. And while there are a million blogs and articles about how to travel on a budget, the way that’s worked best for me is simply moving abroad. Taipei is a hidden gem of a city that has so much to offer, especially for […]

  • The Magic of Morocco: Tips for European Travelers

    The UK’s travel industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, while it is also expected to feel the benefit of economic growth and expansion during the upcoming summer. At this time, thousands of UK residents will look to sink their capital into a trip abroad, as they eschew attractions within the UK and look […]

  • Best ‘Bang for Your Buck’ Destinations

    Traveling can be done even with tight finances. Lonely Planet provides a list of destinations that won’t break your wallet this year. Greek Islands Since the global recession, even places as beautiful as Greece have not been spared. With unemployment skyrocketing, along with social and economic issues, Greece’s tourism-based economy has suffered. They have reduced […]

  • Spiritual Journey in Southwest France

    Spiritual Journey in Southwest France

    A growing number of travelers are  looking for deeper connections with the places they visit. Each year thousands of travelers are drawn to the southwestern corner of France, setting out on a pilgrimage that will lead them to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, just as others have done for centuries before them, according to Travel Weekly. […]

  • Traditional Handicrafts to Buy on a Trip to Mallorca

    Many holidaymakers are familiar with Mallorca’s tourist resorts. The beautiful Balearic Island’s prime location in the Mediterranean, and the untamed beauty of the Tramuntana mountain range have always provided popular appeal. A lesser-known aspect of the island is the rich tradition of arts and handicrafts produced there, with master craftsmen using age-old methods to produce […]

  • Most wine lovers are familiar with lends from regions such as the South of France or the Napa Valley of California. But believe it or not, Australia’s Hunter Valley is making the wine world sit up and take notice. Only a two-hour drive from Sydney, the Hunter region is home to more than one hundred […]

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