Why Work During Your Vacation?

Volunteering is a working vacation

Working while vacationing doesn’t sound much like a vacation. You may be right. But doesn’t everyone have their own definition of what a vacation is? For some, it is lying around on the beach and suntan.

For others, it is taking in all the must see sights of the destination; yet for others, they want a fuller cultural immersion and do something constructive.

So why work during your vacation? Here are a few compelling reasons:

1. Opportunity to visit unusual places and to participate in activities you would normally not do. These activities could include dolphin research, archeology, home building or wildlife conservation.

2. Opportunity to interact with another culture intimately. Working side by side with local people gives you a deeper understanding of the place.

3. Give back to the destination. Many people want to do something constructive on their vacation, including helping the underprivileged.

4. Opportunity for personal growth and enrichment which often arise from challenging or extending yourself beyond your comfort zone.

5. Save travel dollars compare with a traditional tourist trip. In exchange for volunteer work, some organizations offer volunteer vacation packages which include accommodations, meals, local transportation and training for less than $30 a day — granted it will not be 4-star food and lodging. [We will highlight some reputable and affordable volunteer vacations in future posts.]

Volunteering at Orphanages When on Vacation

Travel can transform not only you, but make a much needed difference in communities, places, and people you visit — one trip at a time. Volunteer travel is not for everyone nor for every vacation you take. So the question becomes “Is this the right type of vacation for you to take at this time?” If you are open-minded, have a sense of adventure, and willing to experience some challenges, then you are likely to gain unmatched travel memories and experiences!

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