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  • Find a Lost Macedonian City on Your Next Vacation

    Are you looking for an unconventional vacation? How about spending a week or longer at an archaeological dig. Bring your sense of adventure to unearth some ancient history…

  • Living It Up in Rio with a Volunteer Vacation

    Traveling to Cidade Maravilhosa in Rio and looking for a rich experience? A number of non-profit organizations (NGOs) giving travelers the ability to volunteer their skills during their vacations have cropped up to meet the community’s needs…

  • Have You Considered a Volunteer Vacation in Cuba?

    Once a popular tourist destinations for American citizens, Cuba has been shrouded in mystery to most Americans ever since the U.S. imposed political and economic sanctions. As a result of the U.S. embargo that restricts commerce, Cuba has retained much of its Old World charm…

  • Looking to impact women in an indigenous culture that your tourism dollars may not reach? Travelers go to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or safari in the Serengeti, yet your tourism dollars may not benefit the country’s Maasai nomads, particularly the women. While tourism has begun to bring this tribal culture to the limelight, Maasai women remain economically oppressed with very limited economic or job opportunities from tourism.

  • Voluntourism At-A-Glance

    Voluntourism At-A-Glance

    From ChaCha, a service that answers questions, comes a great interactive infographic that gives you the scoop on voluntourism all in one page! This simple chart provides history and perspective on the voluntourism market by answering the following questions:

  • Guest post from Christopher Hill of Hands Up Holidays on volunteer travelers’ expectations and challenges faced by travel operators. Volunteer travelers’ expectations for their volunteer trips largely depend on who is volunteering. While there are ‘general’ expectations that are applicable to most, if not all volunteers, such as a sense of purpose and fulfillment…

  • Family Voluntourism Adventures that Create Memories

    Looking for a memorable family vacation? Family voluntourism, which combines touring and volunteering, is a great travel option that creates lasting memories, builds cultural awareness and relationships and perhaps, transforms your kids into little global citizens. There are plenty of project opportunities with flexible schedules all around the world for you to chose your next family adventure!

  • See the World in Extraordinary Ways: Volunteering on Safari

    Looking for an unforgettable family volunteer trip this summer that takes you to an exotic locale far from your familiar ways of life? Volunteering on Safari with Eco-Resorts. Explore the stunning beauty of the Mara region of Kenya while being fully immersed in one of the most culturally rich lands, gain insights to the local tribes, experience the natural beauty of marine and wild life and help some of the most impoverished people in the country.

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